The Psychology of Learning – or – Why Freddie is so bad

My bachelors degree was in Psychology – one of those degrees you can’t use without going on to get a graduate degree and a professional certification. Who knew?!? I just wanted to know why people are so… odd!?! (Ha!) I’ve joked that although I have never been paid to use my degree professionally, I have used it every day. I know you know what I mean! A few classes stand out in my mind and one of them is The Psychology of Learning. My little lab rat, Wilbur, helped me learn how responsive he (and we all) are to intermittent reinforcement – meaning we’re all most likely to act a certain way when it sometimes get us what we want. Ah, the sweet pursuit of reward…

Sometimes Freddie gets what he wants.

We really have tried to teach Freddie to keep is feet on the ground, but he has a bad habit of jumping on people if he thinks they maybe might want to love on him!!!!!

Julia and Sherri looooooove Freddie!! Here they are baby-talking to him, “Ooooh Freddie! Freddie! Freddie!”

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