Summer Camp

This past weekend, the kids and I took a road trip with our friends for the open house of a summer camp the kids may attend this coming summer. Leah loves camp, so she was over the moon! I always loved camp, so frankly, I was pretty over the moon myself and wishing there was one week just for mommies to come swim in the creek, zip line and ride horses… Oh well.

My hope is that we’ll find a camp that will be a special part of the kids’ summer memories for many years to come!

This amazing waterfall is in the middle of the camp.

The “big kid” cabins were exactly what you’d expect…

I was pleased to see the camp embraces “traditions”. Haha!

The kids’ chief complaint is that they would all [3] be separated!

I wasn’t thinking of sending Michael yet but the “little kids” cabins were so adorable that he and I both began to re-think! The cabins were like the best of a tree-fort and tree-house!

Plus, they gave Michael candy.

Leah is excited about trail riding!

The kids have a Bible study every morning and a mini-worship time at the end of the day.

Michael was all fired up to go until this morning when he said to me: “I forgot to ask if they had alligator-proofed that river! I don’t think they have so I don’t want to go.”

Maybe next year!?!

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