The schools debate…

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a college town where “everyone” had parents with PhDs and so the community valued education and reinforced it at every turn, but my value system goes something like this: God/love and education. Education is the answer for essentially every problem. If love can’t fix it, then education can. Our educational experiences are pervasive to every aspect of our lives for all time.

Georgia shirts? The AU v UA rivalry in our state drives me crazy, so I buy the kids other college team shirts. Plus, Uga is cute.


At 14, I would say, “No one is ever going to ask me to f(x) or tell them our state bird! Why do I have to learn this?” But isn’t it crazy how often you really do have to know all that stuff?!? True story: I was asked Alabama’s state bird during the interview for my first real job… which had nothing at all to do with a high tech company in Texas. I said yellowhammer and they hired me. (Not necessarily because I recalled Alabama’s state bird, but still.)

Leah is very serious at school and never talks.

Frau Gabi explains German compound words…

Michael doesn’t talk at school, either. Can you even imagine?!?

I had dinner recently with a group of moms who are near and dear to me. One home schools, one private schools and one public schools like us. The private school and home school moms pointed across the table to us and said, “To be clear: We love our children more than you love yours.” We all roared with laughter! It’s absurd when you say it out loud, but a lot of moms feel that judgment. Parents invest a lot of energy in this topic of education so it can be sensitive when we don’t choose the same things. A little validation would be nice.

This stinker fakes illness every morning to see if he can stay home and play. Attempts: 106. Successes: 0.

Guess who makes good grades and never moves her clip?

Long story for another venue, but we put Michael in a private school for one semester and then transferred him back to our community school. Suffice to say, I don’t recommend bouncing your kid around, but as with all mistakes, the sooner corrected, the better. It was such a good school in so many ways, but it wasn’t a good fit for Michael’s specific talents and interests. Here’s what I learned: The “right” answer is different for every child – and – parents have to make concessions no matter what they choose to do.

Public school lunches would be one major concession! The dreaded rib-a-cue is neither rib nor barbecue, according to Leah. Ha!

1st and 4th grade

One thought on “The schools debate…

  1. Paul says when you go to Auburn – go to Goodwill and find the kids the right T-shirts. I say, ‘How clever to develop the true good will in the SEC.’ I appreciated your comments about education though Kim, and Leigh Anne faced the same situation here. The public schools here are great! But many mothers still home school and then send their kids to Christian Schools. I always felt if the home and church do their jobs the kids have a good prospect of success. Save the money for college!


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