Instagram Love: @mackinink

I was an early adopter of social media – and early to ditch most of it, too. The only spaces where I play now are blogs, Pinterest and Instagram – mostly for creative inspiration, not so much to interact with friends. The social aspect of social media falls short for me – I like looking at my friends face to face. I mean, if your friends can’t ring your doorbell or call your cell, how do you know you’re friends? Old school, I know. #notcool #neverwas

My favorite bloggers are: Kate at Centsational Girl, Jennifer at Dimples & Tangles, Dana at HOUSE*TWEAKING, Jenny at Little Green Notebook, Carmel at Our Fifth House, and Joslyn at Simple Lovely. All of them are style savvy interior designers – either professionally or avocationally. I love their creativity and their thoughts on life, parenting, home, etc.

One of my favorite former bloggers, Karey Mackin, whose husband’s job has taken their family of five all over the globe, is posting mini-bloggie thoughts on Instagram. I loved her old blog posts about living in Jordan and Indonesia, so it’s great to hear her use of words and daily glass-half-full thoughts on life…


A favorite: “Yesterday was a jerk so I reported it as inappropriate. Let’s friend a new one today.”

What are you doing online these days? Thoughts on social media? Where do you play? I’m curious.

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