Dad was telling me today that SMH stands for ‘shaking my head’ in Internet speak. He’s totally on top of Internet slang thanks to the Inside the Auburn Tigers message board.


My little Michael is a piece of work. He’s smart and day dreamy – gracious – and sweet and very, very funny without meaning to be. His new teacher is slowly getting him figured out. The first day of school in January, she saw him scrunched down by the fence during recess and was concerned until she saw him hop up, flap his arms and fly away mimicking the sounds of a peregrine falcon. Ha! That’s Michael. He’s recruited a few other kids in class to play this game with him during recess where they pretend to be various animals – and he has a new friend named Wyatt who shares his love of reptiles and has a pet lizard!

The other day, Michael went to the store with me and shared all kinds of fascinating insights:

Michael – “Mommy, you remind me of a bearded dragon.”

Me – “Great. How do I remind you of a bearded dragon?”

Michael – “Because you’re both so cute!”

bearded dragon


The other day in the car, Michael and I were discussing whether Paw-Paw is smart. (Dad had made a comment earlier in the week about making good grades in school and Michael seemed surprised. Clearly, having a Ph.D. does not impress a 7 year old!!) Understand also that Michael watched a documentary with me last week on the mapping of the Neanderthal genome. Anyway, Michael was calling Paw-Paw’s intelligence into question…

Me: “Michael, listen. You’re smart because Daddy and I are smart and your grandparents are all smart.”

Michael: “I’m not buying it.”

Me: “That’s how that works!”

Michael: “I just come by it naturally.”

Me: “Yes, exactly – naturally – genetically.”

Michael: “Then I got it from my Neanderthal genes because we’ve recently learned they were much smarter than we’d thought!”

Sooooo… super impressed with cave art and use of tools but not so much with academic credentials. Gotcha!


4 thoughts on “SMH

  1. I was very confused when I saw the title of your post along with the photos of bearded dragons in my reader – I have never heard of that use of ‘SMH’ before, but where I live it’s the common name for one of our major newspapers: the Sydney Morning Herald!


    • Ha! Too funny! I read the funniest thing about a lady who informed relatives of the death of an elderly aunt, adding LOL to every message because she thought it meant ‘lots of love’ not ‘laughing out loud’! Ha! The acronyms may be best avoided in delicate situation. 🙂

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment – I am very excited to know someone in Australia stumbled on our blog! Hope you will come back!


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