Seen and Heard: Nana and Paw-Paw

The generational gap between my kids and my parents is sometimes pretty hilarious. Here are a few things I’ve overheard recently:

Newlyweds – 1963

Paw-Paw: “There’s a great movie on AMC tonight with [name of actor I’ve never heard of]…”

Me: “Who?”

Paw-Paw: “Oh she’s a big star! Well, she was a big star before they started making the talkies.”

Me: “The talkies?!? Dad!!!”

Senior Year, 1951

Paw-Paw: “Kids! I got a great DVD for us to watch. It’s old cartoons from back when cartoons were more than just banging into each other — back when cartoons were clever!!”

Leah and Michael: <looking at Paw-Paw skeptically>

Paw-Paw: “It’ll be great! You know Foghorn Leghorn? Yosemite Sam?”

Leah – puzzled: “I know Yosemite National Park.”

Nana – to me – while extending her foot to show me her sandals: “Are these too floozie to wear to church?”

School, 1946-1953

Paw-Paw to Leah and Michael: “Sometimes you have to wonder if folks bought their drivers license at the Sears and Roebuck!!”

Michael: “Paw-Paw and Dizzy are just alike. They are both very active when they’re not napping.”


Paw-Paw: “Hey, Michael! Don’t forget your satchel!”

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