Colors in our house…

sherwin williams colors in our houseI really didn’t want to clean the house on Saturday, so I sat looking at photos wistfully and reminiscing about the days before I started pulling the house apart to “organize” and before this storm blew through. Having the kids at home most of the week (2 sick days plus late starts and early closures for winter weather) meant the house was/is torn up!!! So, let’s discuss paint colors!

If you’ve ever visited our house, you’ll notice quickly how much I love brown!

The warmth of baskets and stained wood are so calming when combined with other neutrals. Most of our house is painted off this one color strip from Sherwin Williams. Sticking to a consistent color scheme makes for easy transitions in an open floor plan. Also – and this is important – I don’t like bright colors. Ha! You knew that, huh? Bryan feels the same way, which works well.

colorsinourhouse 1

We have Kilim Beige in the entry, hallways and upstairs – and at half strength in the family room. (Um, it’s half strength in the family room because a cheap painter dumped in some white paint for who knows what reason. Ha!) I am liking European white walls these days, so next time we paint, I may go half strength on Divine White as the primary color throughout the house. (Ooooh shakin’ it up!)

family room

even our pets match the decor

(just kidding)

my favorite spot to curl up and blog

The den and kitchen are both Steady Brown. It’s darker on the walls than on the color strip – but it makes  both of these rooms very warm and calming! Originally, they were both Kilim Beige and the color fell flat in each room. When we were renovating our starter home in Florida, a decorator friend said to me of our 1970s aqua blue tile bathroom, “Don’t fight it – go with it.” I took that advice then and again with our kitchen. The darker brown did help subdue the orangey cabinets.



The dining room and office are both Coconut Husk which is a nice chocolate color. Both rooms get good natural light so neither one feels cave-like. I think that’s the trick in using a dark color – ensuring you get good light in the room.


dining room

In this shot from last Fall, you can see how the Coconut Husk in the dining room (and in the background view of the office) looks against white trim and the Kilim Beige in the entry.

The master bedroom and bathroom are Hopsack. As with every dark color, it looks darker on the walls than on the strip. I was afraid it would just look “tan” very generically but it’s truly brown.

master bedroom

master bath

That’s our tour! Hope you liked it!


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