Snowpocalypse 2015: Alabama is closed

The Deep South has had a “snowpocalypse” the last couple of years which has spawned the hashtag #alabamaisclosed. Ha!!! Remember Atlanta and Birmingham last year when all the children were stuck at school overnight and all the cars were piled up on the freeways and interstates? Everything shuts down when we get a big snow down here because there’s no equipment to clear the roads – and because we panic. Despite the sense of exaggerated urgency and the rush on milk and bread, we do love our snow days!

The snow started coming down on Wednesday afternoon…

We got 8-11″ (20-28 cm) depending on who you ask…

The winter Freddie was a puppy (2010-2011) we had several big snows and he hated it! He does a little better every year, but all in all, Freddie likes to be warm and cozy in the house!

By Thursday afternoon, the sun was coming out and trying to melt it, although we still have quite a lot of snow today.

My parents’ house.

Michael had to run out into the snow Wednesday night in his pajamas. Southerners have no real fear of cold – unlike my European friends who would NEVER play in the snow without a coat and boots!

This is our back porch before the snow stopped falling! Even the hammock was covered!

Leah and Michael went night-sledding with our friend Andrew…

Then Leah and Andrew got up the next morning to go sledding again!

Our creek looked beautiful!

This is the new pergola! Nice shade for a warm sunny day! Ha!

Another view of our creek.

Too bad we don’t have this kind of camouflage/privacy all year long!


View across the golf course.

Golf cart path through a tunnel of Crepe Myrtles.

Michael and I spent a couple hours working on a “snow tower” yesterday afternoon.

We still have snow on the ground today but the roads are clear so the kids are back at school. <womp womp> It was so nice to have a couple days off to just play!!!

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