This month in the yard: March

It’s March which means Spring is [allegedly] here and it’s time to plant and mulch and beautify! My Southern Living magazine says it’s time to divide my Cana Lillies and Hostas.

But I have one small problem…

The yard looks way too much like this lately! Not exactly the right moment to prune the shrubs!

My Hydrangeas have looked better.

Remember my post about Nandina providing a pop of color in the yard all year? Well, here’s further proof! ha

I stepped on the lawn and it crunched. (Like my boots? They’re from Sole Society. Love!) Doesn’t seem quite time to mulch the flowerbeds although I promised myself we’d do that early this year!

The kids have missed so much school for snow (last week) and sleet (this week) but the CRAZY thing about our Spring weather is that yesterday afternoon it was 78˚ F (25˚ C) and sunny so I took the kids for ice cream after school and we sat outside the ice cream shop in t-shirts enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Yesterday. Today, every overpass and most major roads are shut down and the city is covered in ice. Ditto for tomorrow.

That is Spring in The Deep South.

And now for the benefit of blog visitors from other countries, here is a map of The Deep South – it’s the part of the US that the rest of the country denigrates. But can I say, as someone who has lived all over the US and Europe and has traveled all over the world enough to know there’s an upside and a downside to everyplace: We love raising our family here in the 21st century South.

image via wikipedia

Anyway… It feels like green grass and warm weather will never come. (I am closing my eyes and picturing a sunny, blue sky and a light breeze…) Later this month, I hope to:

  • divide and relocate the Cana Lillies and my giant Hosta Lillies
  • mulch the flowerbeds
  • add more Firepower Nandina

Now, pardon me while I go make some hot chocolate! Brrrrr!


2 thoughts on “This month in the yard: March

  1. If there were no restrictions…like family, schools, medical reasons, etc. Where would you choose to live Kim?



  2. Probably not here because of the stigma. Working in global companies, I get worn out by the reactions to, “So, where’s your office, Kim?” Cringeworthy. Every. Single. Time. Perceptions of the South – and particularly the Deep South – are so negative and so deeply seeded. It’s on me (and all of us) to change that, but it’s hard and won’t happen soon enough for me. I really don’t want my children to grow up with it – and wish it didn’t bother me so much. Anyway, it’s also very conservative here, as you know, and that wears me out, too. If I could choose any place, I’d look for a suburban East Coast town with a highly educated populace and great public schools. There are a lot of options from Raleigh/Durham up into Vermont.

    What I do love about being here is people are kind to strangers, the mountains and valleys are beautiful, the cost of living is low, the crime rate is very low, our city is predominantly highly educated professionals and my kids have good school options. Our quality of life is exceptional given all that and proximity to our family and a nationally-renowned MS specialist. I really don’t think we will ever leave!

    Great question, Mrs. Smith!!! It’s something I ask myself from time to time. How about you? Miss Auburn? Miss Bangkok? Love Atlanta?


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