Sooooo… I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks because I started a new consulting gig and they’ve had me come to Atlanta twice!! Business trips are pretty sweet for mommies in many ways – someone else does the cooking and cleaning, no one pops their head in to chat with you when you’re tying to pee, you get the whole bed to yourself and you get to talk to real live grown-ups uninterrupted! <cue chorus of angels> A neighbor tried to elicit my sympathies once about his busy work travel schedule and I said, Oh no – I have done both and know without a shadow of a doubt it’s harder to be at home than on the road. Bring on the “14 hour workday”! That’s a shorter day than I’d spend with my kids – and someone’s buying drinks when it’s over! Who are we kidding?!?

The down side is clear: I miss my babies and they miss me – and my absence places a burden on everyone at home. Thankfully Nana and Paw-Paw put on their superhero capes and save the day!

Here’s all the excitement of being on a business trip… Brace yourselves for big. exciting. stuff. (Just kidding. Please set your expectations very low.)

This is my client’s global headquarters – in Buckhead, Atlanta. So nice!

My consulting firm is just north of Buckhead here in Sandy Springs. I met with a colleague today who has been offered a promotion and might be my new boss. That would be good!

One of my early business trips for EDS, way back in 1996, was with client in one of these buildings. #goodtimes #ROOKIE

Selfie of working in bed at the hotel. #yawn

I wasn’t really working – I was streaming Netflix!

Selfie of me working in a cubicle and so you can see what I wore to the office. They wear jeans to work and basically insisted that I wear jeans, too. Sorry, but I don’t feel very professional in jeans. I spent too many years in dark, conservative suits with pearls and heels at EDS! #whatever

Bryan says this shirt makes me look like a Bama fan. I just like houndstooth! Can’t a girl like houndstooth?

Gorgeous early morning drive across Tennessee.

Trying to make jeans look quasi-professional.

These shoes remind me of every fashion magazine advice column: Are animal prints OK for the office? Um, probably not, unless they’re already making you wear jeans.

Another outfit selection…

Free food! Seriously, this is the best salad ever!!

I had dinner at Gordon Biersch almost every night because (1) the traffic in Buckhead is absurb – took me 40 minutes to drive less than a mile from the office to my hotel, (2) this restaurant is next to my hotel, and (3) they serve that crazy good salad!

OK, that’s all the excitement around here!

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