My baby girl at 10

Ten is a great age. A cousin of mine has a toddler and is already lamenting how quickly it all flies by and wants her baby girl to stay little. Ugh, that feeling. Who doesn’t wish for a rewind button to go back and relish it all just a little more? I told my cousin that every age is great – and – none of them last long enough!!!

I’m loving Leah’s “tween” stage. She is truly in-between. My brother Steve says she is a 45 year old IT consultant, which is so heart-warming I have to forgive him for making me older! But seriously, Leah can seem very grown up when she’s cooking dinner for us or letting me know she’s already done her homework or fed the pets – and yet, she is still very much a little girl. She loves cartoons and her AG dolls and she still wants to be a mermaid. Oh for it to last and last!

Growing like a weed!

Leah is an astute observer – she misses nothing and she’s very sensitive to everyone’s feelings, except arguably her little brother who she likes to boss around!

Here’s Leah with her “Day 1 BFF” Camille from our days in Florida. Thankfully, the girls have been able to see each other at least once a year since we moved away in 2007! They recently met up in Birmingham for an Auburn/Alabama gymnastics meet.

45 year old IT consultant.

Here’s Leah hanging with her best friend Andrew – they have been inseparable since kindergarten. I love Leah’s choice of friends! She has great kids in her life.

See, nobody’s too grown up to be silly or serve pizza to their dolls! This is Leah and AC.

At ten, Leah is into her guitar lessons and drama club as well as playing volleyball and basketball. This is Leah and her friend Ainsley.


10th birthday flashback to November.

Someday this will seem so little!!!

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