The view from the monkey pit…

I’ve often felt we live in a monkey pit and so it was particularly special – almost poignant – to sit in an actual monkey pit with my children last week while visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo…


Seriously that was the best $30 I’ve ever spent! The lemurs were adorable.!!! At 11 months old they were big enough to play with us and small enough to like it. One was grooming Leah, licking her hand. They’d run jump in our laps to be loved on. Sooooooo sweet!!

The kids also got to play with baby kangaroos…

And Leah petted a possum!

Michael got to pet a milk snake – which is a pet he hopes to have someday. (Yikes.)

That is my hand, friends – I got to pet a Siberian Lynx. It was gorgeous! This was the only animal we petted that was restrained and I was a little worry it might eat my arm but it didn’t seem fazed at all to be petted.

I resisted the urge to give it a big hug! Ha!


Michaels favorite part was the Reptile House, of course!! For me it’s the best and worst part of any zoo.

Here’s Bryan and the kids in front of the Reptile House. Of course, it was crowded and poorly lit, which added to the ambience!


As I was checking out this yellow Anaconda, Leah said, “Oh Mommy! There’s a snake right behind you!” She failed to clarify it was in the aquarium until after I jumped out of my skin!!


The kids got to feed all kinds of little critters.


I loved seeing lions and tigers – they had a bunch – but it made me sad that their enclosures were small. The zoo appears so well funded – it was so clean, well staffed and nicely landscaped. The big cat enclosures were the one down-side. What beautiful animals!


All in all, it was awesome! The lemurs were amazing… Definitely worth another visit!

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