A last peek at our vacation…

As you probably gathered, Dad treated us to a week at the beach for Spring Break! We hadn’t all vacationed together since I was pregnant with Leah so it was extra-special to have all 9 of us in the same place! We had an awesome time!!! It was a lot of NOTHING (my favorite way to enjoy a vacation at the beach) with a little bit of cooking and some board games and a couple of movies thrown in.


The water felt like a slightly melted iceberg… But we couldn’t keep the kids out! They were on their boogie boards all day every day!


My water baby…


I packed multiple swimsuits for everyone… Except me! Ugh! I bought one at Target and hated it, of course! I was missing my cute Beach Living suits from Lands End! We joked that you don’t know anyone on vacation anyway and OF COURSE friends from here were staying at the same resort as us! Ha! Classic, huh?


We stayed at Martinique on the Gulf in between Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores…


Of course, Beatrice (actually all of Leah’s American Girl dolls) joined us…




We went to Lulu’s to eat and play… It’s the best!!


Steve said the ropes course is the only time parents pay $10 to watch their children risk their lives.


This was our goodbye to the beach…

Always so hard to leave!! 

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