I was looking at my mom’s 1958 Coffee High School yearbook and asked her if the boy and girl named “Most Likely to be Successful” had indeed been successful in life. Mom says yes.

I was voted “Most Musical” in 1988. (Stop laughing.) I was the drum major of the marching band so I was a little more visible than the kids who won medals at All State and were going to study music at say Yale or Berkelee… Yup. My brother Steve was voted “Most Artistic” by the class of 1984 (spot on) and Hal was voted “Most Intellectual” by his classmates in 1983. (Also spot on – although he wasn’t happy about it at the time. I would have been delighted!! Surprised, yes, but delighted.)

Here’s a joke I told my kids:

What do you call the smartest kid in class when you’re 16? Nerd.

What do you call him when you’re an adult? Boss.

A very high achieving girl from my high school was voted “Most Likely to be Successful” and then didn’t get accepted to medical school. <insert apocalypse here> So, she went to law school. <womp womp> I hadn’t heard a peep from her since the early 90s until she surfaced recently on Facebook and posted a picture of herself with three kids – the only picture she’d uploaded of anyone but herself. (There were lots of disturbing faux-sultry body building photos of her.) Anyway, she captioned the photo with her children saying what a great day she’d spent with them – adding this – for the first time in over 20 years, she took off from work on a Saturday and she spent time with her children. FOR THE FIRST TIME *EVER* IN THEIR LIVES.

Life is hard and being a mama is harder. She doesn’t need me judging her work from the sidelines on Facebook for sure. But the post made me sad and made me wonder if being voted “Most Likely to be Successful” shouldn’t come with a caveat that success takes many, many forms mostly not at all to do with “success”. <big sigh>

You know the kids voted “Friendliest” in our class still are.

2 thoughts on “Superlatives

  1. I did not know that Hal had been voted Most Intellectual! He’s so modest. I was voted Most Friendly and I don’t think I’m friendly at all! Ha! 🙂


  2. Interesting Kim and so right on as usual. Did you see 60 Minutes Sunday night? The founder of Wikipedia was featured. He is from Huntsville, AL and grew up nerdy reading his school teacher Mom’s World Book.


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