This Month in the Yard: April

I am soooo excited to bring back my series This Month in the Yard! I finally have pictures to show you that don’t involve ice/snow or dead plants. Yippee!!! Last weekend, I spent a whirlwind Saturday sprucing up the flowerbeds, planting a *few* annuals, and refreshing the pots. After the debacle of last year’s attempt to go Southern Living with my landscaping, I am abiding by a firm commitment to low maintenance, colorful perennials… mostly.

I love adding color in this big pot out front. These purple Petunias are not likely to last – I always kills them – but aren’t they pretty?!?

Here is sweet Dizzy making sure you notice him. I am hoping you’ll notice the Coleus and Boston Fern! Does our wreath look “Fall” or “all season”? I am contemplating a refresh there…

 Happy dance! One of the Red Maple trees I planted last year is still alive! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Which means one is dead. :/

Michael was helping me a little bit as I worked in the yard and paused to say, “No offense, Mommy – you are very good at gardening – but most of the stuff you plant dies.”

 The creek is already overgrown. Michael and his buddy Wyatt found several tree frogs the other day.

 The Hosta Lillies are faithfully returning! Love them!

OK, these big pots are an experiment. I bought several packs of bulbs on clearance at Walmart sometime in 2014 and forgot to do anything with them – so they’re in these pots and I guess we’ll see what magic happens!!

 Our Flowering Cherry tree is flowering!

 This is a view of the Red Maple tree that’s alive (!) and the River Birch tree in the background that really struggled last year – mysteriously – and has come in nice and green this year. Yay!
That big flowerbed is a death zone of plants. Only my Hostas have survived. The Gardenia, Azaleas and Roses all died.

This is some Purple Wintercreeper (a ground cover) that I planted last year. I love it!

 More Hosta Lillies – I have several varieties, although I transplanted my giant ones to a shaded area of my mom’s yard. They’re  growing fast over there! Almost an inch a day!

 The one annual I’ve added to the beds for color is Lantana. I stuck it in a couple of new places this year that don’t get as much sun and may not work – we’ll see!

I’ve interspersed some new Firepower Nandina among the Azaleas for autumn color.

 The Day Lillies are back! They will sprout purple and yellow flowers this summer.

 This was my real surprise – the Asiatic Lillies that kept dying on me all last summer are ALIVE and have popped back up! They’re gorgeous if they make it – yellow, red and orange flowers all summer.

 Here’s a close up of the front porch. I love coleus for color and may add some to a couple shady spots in the yard. It’s easy to grow – haven’t killed one since college!

My mom always had hanging ferns on our front porch. They make me smile.

We have been so spoiled in recent years by my father-in-law’s huge garden! Well, he’s due for back surgery in a few weeks so we are on our own. I planted three tomato plants – not exactly compensatory – but here’s hoping we can grow some tomatoes!! We have 2 heirloom Beefsteaks and one Black Krim.

Up next, Robin our lawn lady will be helping me by mulching the beds and killing off some Nutsedge (“nut grass”) with a product I found online called Sledgehammer. Apparently the “pretty green grass” outside our bedroom window is a weed from the inner-most circles of Hell. Whoops! Everyone online says it’s essentially impossible to kill. One woman put down landscaping cloth and gravel before installing a 36″ swimming pool for her kids and the nutsedge grew up into the pool – straight through the pool liner! I am scared. Wish us luck!


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