Let’s live outside as much as possible…

The other day, my brother Steve and I were discussing how funny it is that during college we NEVER thought about the implications our majors had on our future careers, lifestyle, etc. If I had known then what I know now, I might have studied landscape architecture so I could be self-employed and outside most of the time. I would have loved that! Isn’t it amazing (and arguably ridiculous) that any 18 year old could know what they want their ‘forever’ to look like?

Anyway, I love being outside… gardening, watching the kids play, sitting on the patio with a cold drink listening to the birds, talking with friends… Everything is better outside! I’ve made some progress in perking up our patios so we will want to be out there! Here’s a mini-reveal…

On the back patio, I added a new outdoor rug from Target and a couple throw pillows. The rug is unobtrusive in color – so it “matches” the decor in my house as you’re looking out from the living room. (Stop laughing – I love brown!!! It’s a soothing color.) Anyway, a rug really does bring coziness to a patio and feels good under bare feet.

I am in love with these bird pillows!!! I flipped our brown chair cushions over to the not-sun-bleached side and will use them one more year.

I moved the hammock underneath the oak tree – mostly because the patio felt crowded last year but also because the tree provides some nice shade!

Hammock time!!!

My view from the hammock.

This Pin Oak was planted 10 years ago and it’s finally big enough to provide some real shade and functionality. The kids (and our cats) like to climb in it, too.

Over in the side yard, we have a new pergola over the patio. I’m still working on perking up the seating area… so stay tuned for pictures. (Target mailed me the wrong rug! 😦 )

My friend Dawn stopped by to visit with me. I loved sitting under the new pergola!

(Yes, Michael still runs around in his underwear).

I planted a trumpet vine to climb up the playfort that will hopefully provide some nice shade this summer. We’ll see!

I am hoping to spend a lot of time out here this summer!!!


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