PTA Arts Night

Last week, the kids both participated in their school’s PTA Arts Night. I was so proud of their hard work!

First, the art teacher had displayed work by each of the classes as well as featuring a few exceptional pieces…

Here’s Michael showing his work.

Leah’s self portrait

Leah began taking guitar lessons in January and performed a solo in April! I was amazed and so so so proud of her for getting up there in front of the parents and students. She played The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby.

Next, Leah performed with the Drama Club…

Michael and I watched all the performances.

Here is Leah acting out having a broken leg in the Drama Club’s performance of “How to Care for a Broken Leg”.

Lastly, Leah performed with the 4th and 5th grade choir. They sang a medley of Earth Day themed songs. One song, “Don’t Forget the Little Children” brought tears to Michael’s eyes. It was precious. (He is sitting here with me telling me to erase that sentence!)

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