Green thumbs up!

We have been busy bees! This month, I have planted all kinds of things with a little help from Uncle Stevie:

  • Shrubs: a Burning Bush, several Nandinas and Cleyera, an Oak Leaf Hydrangea and a Cardinal Red Dogwood
  • Flowers: Bearded Irises, Pansies, Begonias, Lantana
  • Bulbs: Day Lillies, Caladiums, Canna Lillies, a Trumpet Vine and Gladiolus
  • Other: three tomato plants

Although I promised myself I wouldn’t buy annuals ever again, I caved. The Canna Lillies, Caladiums and Lantana are easy to grow and add a punch of color – and Steve gave me his leftover Pansies and Begonias so they’re in the mix, too. All the bulbs are experimental for me. It’s hard to imagine something that looks like a clove of garlic is going to turn into anything, but I am hopeful. It will be fun to see the shoots pop up out of the ground! I love that!

My new Bearded Irises.

Michael is growing cantaloupe and watermelon vines from seeds to transplant alongside his daddy’s blueberry bushes…


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