Quick organization: The kitchen desk

Having the desk in the kitchen as a “family command center” was someone’s idea of a great idea. In truth, it seems to be everyone’s official junk pile. If you don’t know where it goes, just stick it here. You can tell by the photo below, that these cabinets were once organized. There are remnants of labels and boxes… circa 2008.

The “MOM ONLY” shelf was all of our family portraits and school/sports pictures from Michael’s arrival in 2007 to now. A tippy-top shelf was packed with some of the kids’ schoolwork that I’ve saved – and get this – a huge collection of pregnancy and infant-care books! Ha!!!

I filled four Target bags with garbage from two tall cabinets and then regrouped everything…

My goal to organize our entire house in 2015 is proving “aspirational” but I will keep trying. I was finally ready to photograph our newly renovated and organized bedroom closets when the pipe burst last week and flooded them. They don’t look great at the moment… I am trying to be cool about the flood mess but it’s getting to me. Reminding myself this is a “first world problem” worked for about 4 days. Now I just reeeeally want to sleep in my own bed and hear my own thoughts over the incessant roar of the dehumidifiers. I am cracking up.


James-the-plumber and I just had a fascinating chat about thermodynamics. #shootme Leaving the garden hose attached to the outside faucet prevents the pipe from draining. Isn’t it amazing that (1) it’s this cold in northern Alabama in the winters, and (2) ice can break copper? 

I think I’m going to make some coffee and go stare at that one really organized cabinet until I feel better. Ha!!!


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