This Month in the Yard: May

I’m sharing a lot of pictures for this installment of This Month in the Yard because I finally feel like everything is ‘ready’ for Spring and Summer. We have fresh mulch and I’m done planting – now all I have to do is watch it grow! Here’s a tour…

My Hostas come back loyally every year and are sitting under a big, new Burning Bush to replace one that I killed last year by trying to move it after it was nicely established. Lesson learned.

I tucked in a little Lantana in front for color and it’s doing well.

I love this photo and this spot in the flowerbeds because it captures what I have tried for years to work towards – a balance of color, texture and scale. This is one of those spots where it’s all coming together the way I like it.

The flowerbed at the entry is a work in progress that will [hopefully] continue to improve year upon year. The Crepe Myrtle tree needs to grow. I am so over waiting for that. I gave some giant Hosta Lillies to my mom and replaced them with Cleyera (evergreen shrub) and an Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I also tucked some Firepower Nandina among the Azaleas for more color. The new configuration is more balanced and should look good next year when it all fills in.

The Day Lillies are holding out, but the Asiatic Lillies are on the brink of adding some real color!

This Crepe Myrtle (tree) and Purple Wintercreeper (ground cover) are doing great and the various Loropetulum (purple shurbs) are so cute. All good here. This bed is almost zero maintenance.

The Cardinal Dogwood shrub is new.

You know I love Southern Living magazine. Well, recently they mentioned Heuchera ‘Sweet Tea Foamy Bells’ as a colorful shade-loving plant. I’d never heard of it so when I saw some in the cart of discounted half-dead plants at Lowes, I decided to give it a try.

Petunias are hit or miss for me. This year is a hit. They have been gorgeous since I planted them in this pot in March!

The goofy people who owned our house first actually cut down trees… to improve their view of the neighbor’s AC unit, I guess. So weird. Anyway, we have planted about 10 trees along the creek to bolster our privacy. We are right in the middle of a neighborhood on a lot that is slightly more than half an acre, so a ‘treeline’ feels like a luxury. My little Redbud tree has rallied from near death its first year. It’s a transplant from my father-in-law’s land in Tennessee. #freetrees

This flowerbed is not nice to me. It likes to kill the shrubs I plant here. So this year, I decided to tuck some Day Lilly bulbs between the Hostas and see if they make it and I planted a little Lantana for the kids to enjoy as they swing.

I am loving our new side porch!!! ❤

I need to add plants to my bare little pots, but basically I am done!

The pergola is made from cedar and smells really good!! This side of the house is shaded in the afternoon anyway, but the pergola provides nice shade in the mornings, too.

I already had these chairs and pots. The rug is new from

This little Hosta survived the winter in this pot! So happy!

This pot needs a big Boston Fern! I love the crazy pop of color in these throw pillows – from Target, of course.

The one photo I don’t have is of the vine I planted by the playset… but it’s not growing yet at all, so nothing to see.

The hammock has a new home under the oak tree out back.

The back patio looks much better without the hammock.

This center section is unplanted for now because the Nutsedge (also known as ‘nut grass’) was really prolific through here and is hopefully dying as I type now that it’s been treated with three chemicals (*) and deprived of sunlight. Someday, I’d like to add a mini-vegetable garden here by the Blueberry bushes.

(*) I tried Ortho Nutsedge Killer, Sledgehammer, and Roundup (staggered a week apart each time). No verdict yet. It appeared the Nutsedge slurped it back like a milkshake and asked for more. I put down a layer of cardboard over most of it to block the sunlight and then we covered it with mulch.

I have enjoyed having lunch out here lately – so peaceful!

Remember last year when I had visions of creating a lush Southern Living flower garden – and how pathetic it turned out? Well, this year is better. Everything came back in a bit fuller. The May Night Salvia and Purple Coneflower look really healthy. I planted some Daffodil bulbs right by the patio – and I have Cana Lillies just beginning to sprout in the pots!

OK, that’s our tour for May! I am really hopeful it’s going to be a beautiful Spring and Summer here… Check out my Pinterest board “Gardening: What’s in our yard” for more information on the plants we’re growing.


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