Whistle while you work…

Work has been fun lately. I really, really like my new client – a global manufacturing company with headquarters in Atlanta. I’ve made a few quick trips down to look at the team there face to face; and the rest of the time we use WebEx to videoconference. A couple weeks ago, the team flew in from all corners of the earth to meet up for a two-day strategy session (led by me – yikes) at a winery in north Georgia called Château Élan.

I was cracked up that the statue kinda looked like me.

This is the cutest boxwood hedge ever in the history of ever!

The Inn at Château Élan.

The next week, I made another trip… this time to Nashville to start an executive development program offered through Vanderbilt University. I got accepted into the MBA program 20+ years ago, but opted to go to school in Europe instead since I was interested in international business. I always wished I could do both, because I knew Vanderbilt would have been amazing. So I’m finally getting a taste of Vandy. My first class was awesome!!!

Owen, Vanderbilt’s Business School, is housed in a building from 1888 that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


My little corner of the campus.

This is Vandy’s Law School – it’s right next to the Business School.

It was so nice to be a student again! I miss school. If I won the lottery, I’d have to be a full time student or a professor. I love the world of academia – maybe because I grew up in that world in Auburn, and maybe because I just loved loved loved college and grad school!!!

2 thoughts on “Whistle while you work…

  1. Kim, we live less than 2 miles from Chateau Elan…Wish you could have seen us…Next time bring everyone and see us! Loved this blog!



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