Yard Crashing at Mom and Dad’s

Mrs. Betty, this post is for you!

My parents have been busy bees this Spring getting their flowerbeds and vegetable garden ready. I have been helping with the flowerbeds and my brothers and sister-in-law helped Dad get a vegetable garden started. Here are a few pictures…


Here’s Mom telling me everything she is growing.

We added Lantana this Spring. It’s an annual here in Zone 7.

These cute Daisies are from last Summer.

Mom picked out lots of Bearded Irises this Spring!

I made them this wreath last year.

Here’s Mom flowering the Daffodils (bulbs) that are peeking out the edges of the bed.

She “accidentally” sprayed Dad. Haha!!!

This is a Redbud that was trained to ‘weep’, It has grown on all of us. Mom has a lot of hydrangeas growing – her favorites!

Dad has his flag out, of course.

Here’s the new vegetable garden! Dad bought this cedar raised garden bed on amazon.com.

Dad has two large tomato plants and a few more small ones.

He is also growing okra, onions and peppers.

That’s the tour, folks! I’ll post an update later in the summer.


One thought on “Yard Crashing at Mom and Dad’s

  1. OH, it made my heart hurt! I miss my friend…well friends! Marion and Bill! Marion does so love flowers. Paul gave her hydrangeas and hers flourished and ours died! I know she will enjoy them! Thanks for posting this Kim, and did you get my message that we live 5 minutes from Chateau Elan! If you get here again come see us!


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