It’s a wrap…

It’s a wrap, folks! School is over and this little guy could not be happier to call it done!

Leah, on the other hand, is among the 0.00001% of children heartbroken to step off the bus on the last day of school because she loved 4th grade and Miss W so much!!! (Thus no photo.)

Last week, my parents and I attended special program in Michael’s class. The kids have been studying American history all year and wrapped up by researching and presenting interesting facts on famous American landmarks. Michael got the Smithsonian which was perfect since he’s visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and could share his own photos.  


Michael and his buddy Wyatt…


And Michael with his teacher who retired after 35 years in the classroom. It’s amazing how much Michael learned in one semester in her class. We are proud of his hard work — and her hard work, too!


Michael’s buddies Ben and Alex.


It’s always reassuring to know adults in our community can complete 1st grade assignments with such competence <insert eye roll> but I was proud of Michael for doing the work. I have a theory that kids are as competent as they are allowed to be — call me in 20 years to discuss this further.



The kids sang several patriotic songs for the parents and grandparents. It was sweet. I was impressed that Ms. O had this group of 23 little people completely wrangled. 


Both kids wrapped up another year of German…


Mrs. Gabi taught them so much this year!!

We wrapped to the school year with a German dinner together with classmates and their parents last night.

Summer may now begin!!!

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