More Vacation

Vacation is such a good thing. I really envy the European sensibility of month-long vacations. A week never seems to be enough!

Lucy is all over the boogie-boarding!

Leah and Michael could live in the water!

Sandy and Terry are Molly’s parents and so much fun!

I loved the reflection of Rene’ and Molly on the sand as they walked up the beach.

Michael is adjusting his goggles here as Leah and Lucy stand at the edge of the water….

My babies, Michael and Leah.

Beach houses…

All of our babies… Leo (7), Michael (7), Eli (5), Leah (10) and Lucy (10).

This looks like a picture from a magazine… Caught Molly deep in thought.

Molly and Leo.

We are having a really nice time, but our thoughts are miles away with Bryan’s mom who has been really sick for a couple of weeks now.

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