It has been unseasonably HOT here lately and rather than hide in the air conditioning, the kids asked if we could roast marshmallows! I love it – when you can’t beat it, just embrace it, right? Man, it was so stinking hot by that fire…

I decided to burn some old financial papers but quickly realized you can only burn a little bitty bit of paper before you create a fire hazard!!! The scouts among my dear readers are no doubt concerned about my fire building skills. I kept a garden hose close by!

Leah drew a fire…

This is our friend Andrew roasting his marshmallow.


You’ll notice a couple burned marshmallows on the patio… Freddie assisted with cleanup. Our dog will eat anything and nothing seems to make him sick!


One thought on “S’mores

  1. Creative making memories Kim, except how come Michael has on that GA Bulldog shirt? I know SEC, but you should see some of the expressions I receive when I answer folks that ‘I came from Auburn.’


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