Summer in the South

So, while our friends were here from Wisconsin, we tried to give them the full cultural experience of the South in the summer…

Here’s our friend Vaughn with Leah and Michael.

First, ignore the heat. It’s hot in Wisconsin, too. We went shopping at the “nice mall” which happens to be outdoors since, unlike in Wisconsin, you can shop outside in the winter.

I love this picture of Michael holding onto his daddy’s scooter and talking his ear off as we headed out to the movies…

My college roommate, Lori, moved down here from D.C. last summer which has me over the moon with happiness!!! She and her family met up with us for dinner and a movie while my friend Linda was in town. Linda and I met at work in Dallas about 15 years ago and became fast friends. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with some of my very favorite people!

We went to a great Mexican place. Not that Alabama is any closer to Mexico than Wisconsin, but still… Mexican food is universally loved and the pineapple mango salsa at Lime is killer.

We took them to the pool a couple times…


We took Linda and Vaughn out for some real Alabama barbecue, of course. Did you know Alabama has more barbecue restaurants than any other state? There’s an app for your phone to help you find great barbecue joints on the Alabama Barbecue Trail. I am not even kidding.

Vaughn is an only child and I think this week with us each summer is enlightening for him, providing insights into a life with a moderately dramatic sister and ever so slightly pesky but charming little brother. Vaughn is a great kid. We want to keep him, but Linda won’t let us. Michael suggested they both just move in. Maybe next year – ?

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