Little Man, Director of Paleontology

Michael has been fascinated with dinosaurs since preschool and is loaded with interesting facts. I’ve learned a lot about dinosaurs from Michael. His favorite is the Mosasaurus, so I found a diagram of one online, ran it through a Waterlogue app (to make it look cool) and then through PicMonkey (to personalize it with inspiring/aspirational text) and printed it as a poster on Vistaprint for about $8. When Michael saw it, he was speechless – completely, if you can even imagine Michael being silent for a couple minutes. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all. He loved it. Like he LOVED it. I do, too.

My little man is all about strategizing the launch of his zoo. He’s spent the past 4-5 months planning, designing, hiring (his classmates, neighbors, family) and firing (his sister – at least three times) for what will prove to be a magnificent operation once he’s open for business. The zoo will float in space in/on a hover craft (to save the expense of buying land and paying property taxes) and will be home to wild animals – both living and, as of yet, extinct. I am in charge of the baby big cats, running the cafe and playing my trumpet to entertain the guests. Bryan is the engineer in charge of operations and has his own huge office. Leah will be the star of a mermaid show, unless Michael fires her again. My favorite moment in all the months of planning was when the mother of one of Michael’s classmates asked me if there’s any truth to this zoo Michael is opening this summer. “Yes!” I replied, “Of course!” Her kid is in charge of the dinosaurs. What’s unclear about this plan?

For now, Michael’s anole, Emmitt, is the closest thing to a dinosaur living with us.

4 thoughts on “Little Man, Director of Paleontology

  1. Hey, PawPaw is also employed, BUT with great benefits! I get a thirty minute break each hour (got to pace myself, after all), and long nap time each day (he has observed his PawPaw’s regular routine.) I think I can handle this job quite well!


  2. We found a 1/2 decomposed toad in the pool the other day (and by 1/2, I mean rear 1/2) and considered calling Michael. Andrew felt that perhaps it was best not to call, because “The Director” might have too much information to provide, and he just wanted to get the job done.


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