Summer Camp

Leah went back to her favorite summer camp again this year! I posted pictures of the camp last year that are worth a second look – it’s so pretty there. The camp is tucked under a canopy of trees right on the lake – so peaceful. Here are a few pictures of her week…


The wall!

Horseback riding!

The banana!

The blob!

Leah came home with a massive bruise along her right thigh from a hard hit onto the water from the blob. Apparently, the excitement of being catapulted into the air by one of the counselors was ‘totally worth it’ for the injury sustained! This girl is fearless.


Leah and her cabin counselor…

Leah and the camp director…

Her Paw-Paw and I were so proud of her for winning the leadership award again!

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp

  1. I’ve been wondering if she got to camp this year. Remember how much she enjoyed it last year! Can’t wait to see the new pictures! She is a fortunate young lady isn’t she? Love, Care, Opportunities, so much to be thankful for!


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