Blueberry pickin’ in Tennessee

Bryan’s dad has a small orchard and wanted some extra hands to come pick blueberries this summer, so we rounded up the kids and headed to Tennessee. Leah’s friend Andrew was excited to come with us…

The weather that day was perfect – a high of 72˚ F (22˚ C). Michael wore his Christmas pajamas because they’re so comfy. Michael loves pajamas – especially these pajamas.

Jack the dog.

Blueberry picking is a little tedious. I have concluded the ones in the store are a bargain!

Andrew and Leah

Papa P


It’s serious work, folks.

I helped Papa unwrap and re-wrap netting around the bushes that helps ensure the birds don’t eat ALL the berries. Also, let’s pretend that I didn’t get tangled in the netting and was very helpful to this process.

Michael found a little frog…

It was a great day! We have been enjoying blueberry smoothies, blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry cake, blueberries in cereal and blueberry pie…

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