Bring it!

Folks, we are already back in school! I know! It’s crazy – this is the middle of summer and I was just beginning to enjoy the laziness of it all. The good news is both kids got the teachers they wanted! Here we are at “meet the teacher day” on Monday at school…

I made them “dress up” to meet the teacher since they won’t dress up for school.

Michael got Mrs. S who is the favorite of the 2nd grade teachers because she has class guinea pigs and she rewards good behavior with gummi bears. This is her 30th year to teach 2nd grade!

Izzy and Chloe – the class guinea pigs!

Michael was super excited to find that the book he didn’t have time to finish last Spring is still in the library and his page is still dog-eared! Ha!

Leah ran into her friend Ann Catherine in the hallway. I love these two together!

Leah got the teacher she really wanted – who is amazing and also happens to be an Auburn alum!

This is Ms. L’s first year to teach 5th grade, so fingers crossed. She strikes me as really intelligent and very organized – and Leah thinks she is sweet and cool – so I think it will be a great year.

Here is Leah with her teacher from last year, Ms. W! (And yes, Leah is that much taller than her 4th grade teacher!)

Here are the kids with our school secretary who is a special friend from school and church.

We are ready!!!

Here are the kids having lunch with friends to celebrate the start of a new school year…

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