Back to school: 5th and 2nd

Tuesday was officially the first day of school which means we officially have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader!!!This is the last year they’ll be in school together until they’re both in high school. Yikes. Enough stats… Here are some cute back-to-school pictures!


Leah is very excited to have a rolling backpack from PBteen, thus it’s in every photo of her. One of the best things about 5th grade is that the kids all get “jobs”. Leah is hoping to be a news anchor on the school’s [closed broadcast] TV channel. Other jobs include safety patrol, reading buddies, and lunchroom helpers (opening milk cartons for the kindergarteners, etc.). The 5th grade also changes classes and they have a 50s themed school dance in the Spring. The other big event for 5th grade is an end-of-the-year video on puberty which the kids all pretend to be horrified about. Ha!

Michael is ready for 2nd grade with his dinosaur backpack and several dinosaur tees to wear to school. This year will be busy for him – all the kids in his class are 95th percentile or higher nationally in reading and math. His teacher said she’s going to teach them 3rd grade math and have them reading a lot of “chapter books”. Michael has finally decided he likes reading now that he can read Harry Potter. 🙂

Off they went…

And 7 hours later, they were back…

Bryan and I have wrestled for years about public vs. private school. For now, we feel good about the education they’re getting in the K-8 public school here in The Cove. Our school system has been in turmoil administratively for several years, but the kids are shielded from it. Our teachers really do a wonderful job – and frankly, their jobs are made easier by classrooms full of children whose parents are all college educated.

Here’s Leah showing us how the screen rotates on her new ThinkPad. Our school system went digital several years ago and they give a laptop to every child in 3rd-12th grade. The little kids (K-2nd) each get an iPad that has to stay at school.

OK, off to check on the status of homework!

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