This Month in the Yard: August

Oh, people… It’s not good. July was HOT and DRY and my yard is showing every minute of the searing heat. My lush green grass? It’s kinda crunchy. My Day Lillies and Purple Coneflowers? My Sunflowers and Gladiolus? Wilted. Brown. Sad.

Yes, I realize this could have been prevented by actually turning on the sprinklers and watering the lawn. But… This is The Cove. As the name implies, this is low-lying ground. We have underground springs that are right under ground. I have not run sprinklers in many, many years – and I don’t want to start now. Please do not point out the flaws in this [il-] logic.

It looks OK from a distance. 🙂

I can’t bear to post photos of wilted hydrangeas and brown crunchy clumps of flowers so this is going to be a short post.

The dried flowers are doing fine. Ha! Just kidding… I did add white magnolia flowers to the wreath since it looked a little too autumn-y.

The Crepe Myrtle trees are all in bloom…

Last summer, I had two Cana Lillies that were just amazing. This summer, I planted a dozen and never have more than one pretty bloom in the whole stinking yard at any given time. #igiveup

The pots have done well in the heat. The little pot is growing a little weed, not the flower I planted, but at least the weed is alive and well.

Here I am in the kids’ tire swing. If I didn’t occasionally snap a selfie, there would be no photos of me at all. You mamas know what I mean. We take all the pictures! And someday I will want to remember that I was young once, right? Let’s pretend I am still young. Also, let’s ignore that I need to touch up my hair color. The mamas will understand that one, too!

The trees are all faring well. Swinging in the tire swing was my coping mechanism for the “this month in the yard” photo shoot which was going poorly

Remember the little Redbud trees my father-in-law and I transplanted from Tennessee a couple years ago? They’re thriving. This one is taller than me! ðŸ™‚

Here’s another Crepe Myrtle in bloom. I should give up and plant nothing but Crepe Myrtles.

… and Hostas.

That’s all. Wish me luck for September!!!!! And check out how beautiful everything was this time last year. :\

UPDATE *** It rained yesterday!!! Yippee!!!

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