Michael’s Mini-Man Bedroom Makeover

Michael’s bedroom was due for a refresh: one of the box springs had broken on his twin beds (little monkeys jumping on the bed…) and the quilts were showing some wear. I decided to upgrade him to a full size bed and use the antique iron headboard that had been sitting in our garage for years… See it there in the corner? It was white with rust spots and cost me a whopping $25 at a junk shop in Notasulga, Alabama. Both of my kids said it was gross. Neither wanted it in their room. They didn’t have my vision for its greatness! Inspired by Pottery Barn’s Coleman Iron Bed ($899) I grabbed a couple cans of Rustoleum spray paint…

I think it turned out great! I found new bedding on target.com that matched his existing color scheme and dinosaur theme: sheets plus a sham and a quilt. The clip lamp is from IKEA.

It looks like an alien spacecraft is about to land on the bed… That’s just the skylight.

Remember the poster I created using Waterlogue and PicMonkey? I love it right here by Michael’s bed and Emmitt’s aquarium.

So, now that you’ve seen what’s new, I’ll show you the rest of his room…

I moved his cork board to this open wall… You can also see his ninja painting and the fishing cabin bookcase Uncle Stevie made for him when he was born.

The stripes match the room’s color scheme and jazzed up a basic cork board from Walmart.

A couple years ago, I painted the m-i-c-h-a-e-l letters from Hobby Lobby to match his room’s color scheme. The IKEA bookcase is new and I could not be happier with the quality. I could put these cube shelves in every room in the house!

Michael has a walk-in closet that doubles as additional play space. Ben’s cabin is in there along with posters and stickers that would otherwise make his room look junky.

This handy reference sits eye-level on the inside of his closet door.

Emmitt – beloved Emmitt.

Here’s a close up of the ninja painting. It’s Michael and me as ninjas. He painted this in kindergarten.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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