Seen and Heard – The “stepping up our game” edition

Here are few things that have been seen and heard around here lately…

Michael was arguing that twin sized beds are for toddlers – so I said, “College students sleep in twin sized beds in the dorm.”

Michael: “Not at Stanford – they have queen sized beds in their dorms.”

Leah – worn out with her little brother’s claims: “No they don’t! You made that up!”

Michael: “I’ve been to the Web site. Have YOU been to the Web site?”

Leah has finally fulfilled her wish of becoming a mermaid!


Michael: “Mommy, do you think I know a lot about history?”

Me: “Yes, for a 7 year old.”

Michael – insulted: “I don’t mean compared to 7 year olds! I mean compared to history experts on BBC documentaries!”


brown basilisk

I showed this Instagram post to Michael, who glanced over and said, “Tell him it’s a Brown Basilisk.” He was right – the kid knows his reptiles. (We still have to google his claims because sometimes he makes stuff up. See: Stanford dorms have queen sized beds.)


Michael: “Do you think I’m more of a nerd or a geek?”

Me: “I’m not sure how you’re differentiating between the two, but either one is good.”

Football try-outs! (He loves those plaid shorts!)


Leah: “Paw-Paw left Michael and me alone and he said I was in charge since I’m the oldest.”

Me: “He mentioned that to me. How did it go?”

Leah – with big eyes: “Wellllll, I had to send Michael to his room for a time-out. He was sassing me.”

Not too grown up for dolls. 🙂 #happymommy


Michael: “Mommy is very strict.”

My brother Steve and our dad: “Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!”

Michael: “No! Really! She is 60% mean and only 40% sweet. At Target she wouldn’t let me get a toy and I even said I would pay!!! That is meeeeeeaaannn!!!


Leah: “I’m ready to go to college – I can’t wait!”

Me: “Listen, college will be here soon enough! Do you realize you’ll be moving into your dorm at Auburn 8 years from right now!

Leah: “Auburn? I’m going to Harvard!”


My brother Steve, noting the noise-level at the dinner table: “What we really need is a few more kids.”

Me – aghast: “Hey, these children are the joy. of. my. life!”

Michael – pretending to be nonchalant: “I thought you’d say gardening.”

I knew it was taking Bryan and Michael a long time to read that chapter from Harry Potter… 🙂


Michael: “Mommy, if I had a billion dollars, I would convert it to change and sprinkle it all over every poor city; then I would try to level up our technology around the world. We have really got to step up our game. The iPhone 6 was not our best.”

2 thoughts on “Seen and Heard – The “stepping up our game” edition

  1. How fun at your house!! Loved the picture of Leah playing with her dolls and the one of Bryan and Michael fast asleep. Oh they grow up too fast. Enjoy!! and I sure hope Leah makes it to Harvard. Would hate to cheer against her team when UT plays Auburn!!!!

    Love Teresa


    • Teresa, it’s great to hear from you! Earl said y’all visited. 🙂 I tell Bryan we really shouldn’t push the kids to any particular college because sure-as-the-world they’ll want to go to Bama. Ha! Bryan says not his money. 😉


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