Kitchen Bliss

I have been very focused on de-cluttering and organizing the house this summer and it’s really looking good! The empty spaces make everything feel lighter – physically, not just metaphorically. There are two things I say to myself regularly: Everything you own, owns you right back. And, the less you own, the less effort it takes to clean and organize it. So going through the house and donating a couple car loads of things we don’t need or use has been incredibly cathartic.

Last week, I re-organized the kitchen with $40 and about 5 hours of my time. Sweet bliss, people! I am so happy.

I bought several Rubbermaid Pan Organizers from Target, but I see similar pan organizers at TJMaxx, too. They’re usually about $10 a piece.

Deep open cabinets are completely impractical. Everything was in a pile and you had to dig through the pile to find the right dish. We have only lived here since 2007… Why didn’t I do this sooner?

The racks help but giving away junk we don’t use was a huge factor as well.

I put labels all over the place…

I focused on the specific cabinets that drive me crazy – which was most of the  kitchen! I emptied them out, cleaned the cabinets, sorted the stuff, and put it all back in logical groupings.

The racks were a huge help with the trays and cutting boards. Before, we would pull out one tray and another would fall out with it.

This cabinet wins “most improved”. It’s above the ovens so it’s really deep and hard to reach. (And I’m 5’9″.) It was impossible to spot the right pan because they were all in a pile.

Half the challenge of organizing a kitchen is grouping “like things”. One dilemma I cannot resolve is that we have three small drawers that hold random kitchen utensils like measuring spoons, whisks, spatulas… I know where I put what, but there is zero logic to it.

Whatever. Life is not perfect.

OK, now that I have shown you the improvement to the cabinets, I’ll give you a quick tour of the rest of the kitchen…

Place mats from an estate sale. Rug from Ballard Designs. Chairs from Target.

OK, don’t laugh! The electrical unit in the stove corroded and shot sparks at us. Alfonso our contractor was concerned about fire hazard, so he removed it and then left town on vacation. Ha! So I covered the hole until he can replace the stove.

I have a Pinterest board with a zillion ideas for remodeling the kitchen someday… maybe.

I bought these 16″ (41 cm) Ikea Varnhem handles recently and put them on the cabinet doors under the sink so there’s a place to keep hand towels. ❤

Same little basket full of utensils and old wine for cooking…

My Official Happy Place. <cue chorus of angels>

OK, that’s the tour, folks!

One thought on “Kitchen Bliss

  1. This is great Kim! I love your blogs and am disappointed on the days you don’t write! Appreciate your organizational skills and also that you tell where to purchase the items that help accomplish your goals!


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