I love Cozi, so very much

This is our busiest time of year – the kids are back in school, which means sports and clubs and homework! Leah has volleyball and theater, Michael has football and track, and both kids are taking German after school. Their schedules are different every day of the week! Between the kids’ activities, school, work, church, and college football, our calendar is full!

I realized it’s time to say goodbye to paper… 😦

As part of Operation Organization 2015, I decided to check out apps for a shared family calendar. I was intrigued by one called Cozi because it mentioned color coding <insert breath of fresh air and sunshine> but little did I know the love I would feel in my heart! This app is perfection. Here’s why…

(1) It’s easy to set up and use.  

(2) It works on any device: The whole family can use Cozi, whether they have an Apple/iPhone/iPad or Android/Samsung or just want to go to the Web site from their laptop… it works anywhere!

View from my iPhone

(3) Color coding makes it easy to scan: I get visually overwhelmed when there’s too much in front of me. Do you? Having a distinct color for every family member warms my heart – it’s so much easier to scan. Also, I can view “all” (above) or I can click and see just me, just Bryan, etc.

(4) You can set up reminders: It will email you the week’s agenda on Sunday! And you can set it up to text or email reminders for appointments. It’s like having your own personal assistant. You can also leave little messages for the family, like this…

cozi view 5

(5) The lists: I am a list maker. Are you? Cozi helps you organize your lists and keeps them in one place. Shopping lists. To do lists… Color coded for each family member!

cozi view 6

(6) You can do meal plans: The concept of meal planning intimidates me. I am one of those moms who thinks, “Didn’t I make you dinner yesterday?!?” 🙂  What a chore! I aspire to have a plan, shop in bulk, cook dinners to go in the deep freeze, and publish a meal calendar on the fridge… like my friend Tara who shames us all. With Cozi, I can start small. I can jot down something simple (see example below) or I can go all out and create a recipe box and corresponding shopping list. Yowza!

cozi view 4

(7) Journaling <3. OK, like all this is not enough, you can upload photos and jot down memories in a journal that’s sort of like Instagram except Cozi will let you share it with your friends and family via a family newsletter – or – via your own Web page! It’s like a free, effortless “At Home in the Cove” of your own! And the security features are awesome – you totally control your privacy.

cozi view 7

The journal can become a newsletter and/or a Web page if you want.

I know, you’re wondering how you made it through your life this far without Cozi! Me, too! If you’re at your computer, go to Cozi and sign up! If you’re on your phone, go download the Cozi app. You’re going to love it!

One thought on “I love Cozi, so very much

  1. I’ve been using Cozi for over 2 years and sing its praises to anyone who’ll listen. It makes keeping track of everyone so much easier (and I’m keeping track of 7 people). With my kids being a little older and sometimes scheduling things on their own, it is handy that they can look at their phones to see if there are conflicts before they schedule something. In addition to appointments, my kids with jobs enter their schedules when they get them so I’m aware of who won’t be around for dinner, and when someone needs to be available as a shuttle to and from.

    I put favorite recipes into the recipe box to make meal planning and grocery list making easier. Being able to add a recipe’s ingredients to the grocery list is awesome. If I don’t need to buy every ingredient, it is easy to delete those items from the list.

    Glad to see someone else has fallen in love with Cozi, too!


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