Let’s run away to Mooresville…

Amid all my organizing, I stumbled across the most absurd blog post about a disheveled drawer <insert gasp> and decided, I am done organizing. We are good. I like to keep my cleaning and organizing comfortably shy of a DSM-5 diagnosis.

The next time I feel stressed, I am going to run away to Mooresville, Alabama to raise chickens who lay eggs that I’ll scramble for leisurely breakfasts on the veranda. 🙂

The town was founded in 1818 and little appears to have changed since then. It just feels so quiet and peaceful there.

This is not a joke – this is their post office and its the oldest in operation in the US.

The entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The town has a population of 58 people. We saw one person on a bicycle – a farmer coming down to check on his chickens and/or check on us – and another person driving (a car) down a street.

The farmer invited us in to see the chickens, lambs and their fluffy guardian, Justice, a Great Pyrenees.

The city’s history is tied to two US Presidents: Andrew Johnson served as an apprentice tailor in Mooresville as a young man and James Garfield preached a sermon at the Church of Christ.

Thank you to 1818 Farms for allowing us to pet the animals!

Sweet bliss.

2 thoughts on “Let’s run away to Mooresville…

  1. No need to worry Kim. No one is using the DSM-V yet. Still hanging on to the DSM-IV; and I don’t think it lists an Obsessive Organizing & Labeling Disorder. But I don’t want to diminish the validity of the diagnosis. People with OOLD struggle with daily life and emotional distress that normal people will never understand.


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