Open shelves in the kitchen…

I was thinking the other day how grateful I am that I got married before there was Pinterest. I pulled sheets out of Brides magazine for my wedding planning scrapbook and I went to shop that sold wedding invitations and picked one. It was enough. I would have gone completely nuts if I’d had a Pinterest-wide set of ideas to mull over. That said, I really do love Pinterest!

One of the current trends in kitchen design is to have open shelving. Sometimes it looks amazing…

This is my kitchen Nirvana… Oh, I swoon over the rows of glass containers. ❤

Kind of in love with this cobalt blue!

Makes me want to remove the cabinet doors on our kitchen island and use that space for our cookbooks! via Southern Living/Castle Homes

The two kitchen islands with shelves full of cookbooks got me thinking that maybe I could do this with our island, but I was a little nervous.

DIY:  How to Update your Kitchen Cabinets with Fabric - excellent tutorial shows how to cover foam core boards with fabric and how to fill, repair, prime and paint your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to spruce up your kitchen and, if you change your style/color scheme or if you live in a rental, you can easily remove or replace the fabric.

This white kitchen is the problem. It’s awkward, like someone decided to be trendy and just took the doors off their cabinets. Maybe if she had removed the center post?

I rather like this soft green. I think I'm going to have to paint the kitchen ones are SO not in my budget!! Removing   the doors is a great idea too.    UPDATE: I did this and it looks fantastic!!

What’s the trick? This green kitchen is adorable – and I don’t know why one works and the other doesn’t. I finally decided I’d take the plunge since I was only four small screws away from open shelving on my island.

I can un-do this in 10 minutes if I decide I don’t like it.

Here’s where we started. The brown on brown – wood with wood – in our kitchen can be a little overwhelming so I keep adding black and white accessories. Note the island…


This cabinet is ideal because it’s less than 12″ deep… perfect for a bookshelf. I thought about painting the inside black but decided to do something temporary in case I regret this little project.

The tricky part was lining up the pattern. I missed aligning this spot by just a smidge and used a black Sharpie marker and the edge of my iPhone to line it back up. You can’t even tell unless you look very closely.

I was happy with the final look of the shelves…

I am not sure I love the end result. The kitchen feels visually cluttered to me now that we are looking at all the things. Maybe it’s the chevrons? Maybe I would like it better if there were big baskets on the shelves? Or if I remove all that stuff from the counters?

8 thoughts on “Open shelves in the kitchen…

  1. I love how brave you are when it comes to decorating. I dream and dream, but am too scared to do anything without someone else holding my hand. So I sit here with a really boring house.

    I love the open shelving as well, but until/unless my cabinets get organized, no chance of it happening here!

    I think you are onto something with fingering the chevrons as the reason you aren’t in love with your island. Maybe a smaller print, or a solid color would love that. Such a smart idea to use a temporary method while trying out this new look!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Karen, maybe a smaller pattern or a solid color. But hey, you are trying new things. It’s the only way to know what works and what you like. Bravo! Have a great week ahead! Koko


  3. I had my cabinets painted a creamy white last summer and you’d be suprised how inexpensive it is. Its made all the difference in my house – granite and of course backsplash all stayed the same. Anyway I have an open bookshelf and I’ve contemplated doing something similar. Maybe do more texture and a subtle color? But I like the open shelving idea you did with the island – I think its great!


    • Yay! You visited my blog! Thanks!! Have you seen my “kitchen inspiration” board on Pinterest? I am obsessed with black and white kitchens so I bet I would l-o-v-e your creamy cabinets! I pinned one today that was offwhite with dark brown. (Variations on a theme!)


  4. PS – also try quatrefoil pattern (aka lattice) or I’m loving the foils with gold accents. You rock and I love all your fun touches and its fun to catch up on you all through this blog


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