College Day

As the follow-up to Career Day, the kids had College Day at school! We got a note home saying the kids should wear a shirt for the college their parents attended – which works here in The Cove since the parents are all college graduates. This mama had two thoughts: Wearing Auburn shirts in Bama territory is sometimes awkward (see photo evidence below) and our kids say they’re not going to Auburn anyway! (We shall see about that.) Anyway, I got on Amazon and ordered shirts for the schools they say they’re going to attend. Hey, everything is possible… dream big or go home!

Michael says Harvard is his back-up plan. Ha! 🙂

Leah’s friend Ainsley brought University of South Carolina pom-poms to supplement her college-of-choice shirt.

This is Michael’s class. Let me summarize:

michaels class college day

The big blue chunk represents the kids who wore Alabama shirts. I would have made that part of the pie chart crimson red for Bama but I just like blue better. 🙂

After the photo, the teacher put Mississippi State jerseys on all the kids who hadn’t worn a school shirt! Ha!

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