The tween who stole my heart…

It’s this time of year – every year – that I really cannot get my head around the disparity between Leah’s maturity and her actual age. This child is 10 years old? That seems crazy to me. When she turns 11 in November, it will likely feel like a good fit for a couple of months and then – if history serves as any predictor – I will find myself thinking, Is this baby really just 11? 🙂

So pensive.

I often crawl in bed with her and talk for a while before she goes to sleep. That’s when we seem to have our best conversations. Sometimes they’re serious and sometimes they’re hilarious – like which little boy toots the loudest in class. Ha! Most nights I find myself thinking, You were a little peanut just a couple of years ago! It all goes by so fast – way too fast. I’m glad so many moms told me this is how it feels to watch your babies grow up – you have to revel in it and soak it all in.

I snapped these pictures with my iPhone last weekend before dropping Leah off with friends who were taking her to Atlanta for Auburn’s opening game. She packed her bag and picked out this outfit and pulled back her hair and was pretty convincingly thirteen. I found myself thinking back to kindergarten when she wanted dangling earrings and make-up and I said, Let’s wait until middle school. I’ll bet you a jillion bucks that next August this kid says, Yay! I finally get to wear dangling earrings and makeup! She forgets nothing.

I love her so much! ❤

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