Hawks Football

Michael is playing football this year for the first time. So far, he has played two games and they have been so much fun! My little buddy is playing great at center and guard. This is also my first season as an assistant coach! I am loving it and laugh at myself that I’m the only coach who calls the players “sweetie”. I already asked my dad to coach a team with me next year! Bryan says I’ll still be the assistant – and he is right. That’s fine – I will learn from the best! Dad was a phenom as a flag football coach.

Here’s our Defensive Coordinator going over the strategy with the boys…

The boys are 6-8 years old. They’re babies. (Michael is reading this and objects!) When I was the assistant coach for Leah’s soccer team of 4-6 year olds, my main role was translator: “Hey kids, kick the ball toward THAT goal.” In football, I am both the translator and the Chief Boo-Boo Checker.

Michael is the biggest kid on the team and he’s only 7. He can play in this age group next year, too. When Michael was a baby, everybody would say, “He’s gonna play football!!!” And I would say, “Maybe – or maybe he’ll be the biggest clarinet player in the band.” We shall see!

For now, he’s liking football. 🙂

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