Pinterest Told Me To

I was looking for Fall outfit inspiration on Pinterest the other day and stumbled across the funniest blog called Pinterest Told Me To! Just the name cracked me up! I really liked this outfit that she pinned…

And since Pinterest told me to, I had to give it a try…

This is what I wore to a parent meeting yesterday with our school system’s director of strategy and innovation. She answered a lot of questions I have had about our magnet schools andΒ the high school we are zoned for. I actually felt excited about our secondary public schools for the first time. Interesting presentation… made all the better by orange and white with denim and leopard print. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Told Me To

  1. too funny kim as my frisco friends and I are huge fans of Pinterest Told Me To (And I’ve got some church friends hooked on her). She is an OU Grad (duh of course I like her) and she is a sorority sister of a neighbor of mine. One friend saw her in Nordstrom and got a selfie with her. Do you also read Mix N Match Momma. Love her adoption story and she has some decent recipes (that I havent tried). My laugh though with both of these bloggers is that they are pencil thin and of course everything looks good on them. Some things I order not so much but its fun to try πŸ™‚ miss you


    • I had never heard of that blog so I just spent an HOUR reading all about Ashby’s adoption and how she’s doing. I love adoption stories!!! And yes, both of these bloggers are so beautiful they’d look good in anything!!! The girl from Pinterest Told Me To cracks me up with her cheesy selfies! Gotta like her! πŸ™‚ I miss you, too!


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