When Leah was little, we called her Leelee at least as often as we called her Leah. I don’t know why, how or when we stopped, but eventually she became Leah, officially. Each team in our volleyball league gets to select their team name, colors, uniforms, numbers and the name that goes on their jerseys. The girls like to use their nicknames, so in our volleyball world, Leah is Leelee, #12.

This is Leah’s second season and she is really playing well! She’s decided this is “her sport”.

Leah’s height and strength give her an advantage as a server. That’s her strong-suit.

Leah’s favorite part of volleyball is playing with AC (!!) and making friends.

Here’s AC serving. She’s a very good athlete. Both girls want to play on the middle school team next year!

I have always made fun of the people who stick their kids in “travel ball” because it’s such a magnet for the crazies who think their kid will be an Olympian. Anyway, I may have to eat my words if Leah really falls in love with this sport! I’ve been warned that only the kids who have played club volleyball make the high school team. How crazy competitive is everything these days? Wow. The goal is to have fun. Well, Leah is having fun!!

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