Letzter Wochenende war Oktoberfest! Wir hatten ein ausgezeichnet Zeit – wie immer!

I had to break out my German for a second… Last weekend was Oktoberfest! We had an excellent time – as always! 🙂

Michael, Leah and Andrew were so patient as we waited in a line ~200 yards long just to get in!!!

It’s a very good thing Andrew came with us because he loves rides as much as Leah does! He couldn’t get enough! Andrew was cracking me up!

Bryan joined us in time for dinner!

How about some greasy Schnitzel before we go ride something that spins really fast?!? Mmmmmmm!

Almost Munich. 😉

Studies in centrifugal force.
(The kids took off their flip-flops for this one.)

Michael is such a smart kid – he likes the carousel. Me, too! Ha!

This is really all the spinning we can handle. Michael and I are mostly spectators at Oktoberfest.

Michael liked the fun house…

Leah and Andrew rode everything that goes really fast and yanks you around! Look at the delight on Andrew’s face! Leah would alternate between laughing and looking concerned, but she loved every ride and wanted more!

The kids ate so much junk food! (But “fair food” is half the allure, right?)

This is Andrew shortly before I made him and Leah promise that next year they will trust me when I tell them they cannot possibly eat a funnel cake all by themselves – much less after eating Schnitzels! Ha!

Amazingly, no one threw up!!!


2 thoughts on “Oktoberfest

  1. I could barf just looking at these pictures! What a fun life with kids who obviously absorb so much and are given so many opportunities! Such good parents!



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