This Month in the Yard: September

You know, I had so hoped this would be my year with our yard but it never bounced back from the dryness of July. I’ll call it a “lesson learned” for next year. Note to self: Plants need water. ūüėź

OK, here’s where things stand: I’ll start with the front porch. The front porch is my friend… The wreath can’t die on me and these plants have been incredibly resilient despite how often I forget to water them!


My brother Steve gave me these Begonias last Spring and I put them next to the Cleyera. They have thrived! No water Рno problem.

Steve gave me these cute little Pansies, too. They’ve thrived with zero attention.¬†I say “no water no problem” but this spot outside our dining room window stays fairly moist and shaded. Everything here looks great – as usual.

Leah and Andrew decided it was a good spot for a “fairy house”. See the pathway lined with pistacio nut shells?

They lined the fairy’s path with a fern frond.

…And inside the fairy’s house is a little bed made of leaves. ‚̧

The Lantana has done really well in both spots this year but particularly here where it gets bright sunlight and a little rain. I’m sticking with Lantana from here on out!

All of my Crepe Myrtle trees have grown like crazy despite the heat and lack of rain. I have trimmed back the off-shoots at the base of each tree twice already this summer and they have grown back again. Last summer, we¬†paid to have this¬†Crepe Myrtle removed – including have the¬†roots ground down¬†–¬†but it came back anyway. I dug it up in July and it grew¬†back and bigger – about¬†4′ tall! It’s insane. Gotta love the tenacity of a Crepe Myrtle!!!

My Cleyera are sprouting little autumn berries. So cute!

Soooo… several of my Hosta Lillies are in bad shape, particularly these by the driveway. Yikes! ūüė¶¬†They just needed more water than they got. Ditto for the Hydrangeas behind them.

Droopy, thirsty Hydrangeas. <sigh> I haven’t thought about them in the 5-6¬†weeks since the last round of photos for the blog. But hey, I do feed the kids¬†(and the pets) every day, so, you know, priorities. ūüôā

The River Birch is dropping leaves Рditto for the Flowering Cherry.

The Caladiums that I planted as bulbs have done better in this pot than in the flowerbed. The pot has been pretty moist and mostly shaded.

Despite its imperfections, the yard is a great place to relax. I stopped to lay in the hammock for a bit between photos… So peaceful!

My Purple Coneflowers are dead – done for the year – which is odd because last September they were gorgeous.

My Purple Day Lillies just look like clumps of grass with the exception of this one lonely amazing bloom. So pretty!

The little Apple Tree that Michael planted in the Spring is hanging in there.

This is the Cleveland Pear we planted in 2008. It was about as tall as Bryan or me back then! It will be beautiful in a few more weeks…

The Purple Pixie Loropetalum look pretty amazing. They’re already transitioning from purple to red. I love these shrubs.

OK, that’s it for September!

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