Mommy Fashions

When I was a kid, trends were more linear: flare jeans were cool and THEN skinny jeans were cool, but not at the same time. These days it all changes so quickly that styles cycle back before I knew they’d left! If you saw my closet makeover, then you know I don’t like to hang onto stuff. But some things never really go out of style, so I keep things like Converse, Birkenstocks, my favorite denim shirt, a black pencil skirt, etc.

Anyway, I got quite a laugh out of this: InStyle’s “What’s Right Now” headline says Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are bringing cargo pants back in style. Trend alert!! I have owned a pair of olive drab cargos for many years and was already planning to wear them this Fall! <insert gasp>

This is what I wore to lunch today at my favorite neighborhood cafe. Everything I wore is 2-15 years old… 
Cargos: Talbots. Cardigan: Target. Top: Ann Taylor. Sandals: Birkenstock Betula. Tassle tote bag: Dooney & Bourke. Leather wrap bracelet: Stella & Dot. Boyfriend watch: Michael Kors.

I love the stacked bracelet + watch combination that’s trendy right now. I don’t think I have ever been “cool” although I may have thought so briefly in my 20s. It’s so good to be 45: you’re a champ every single day you put on something nicer than yoga pants, right?
Wrap bracelet: Stella & Dot. Watch: Michael Kors.

Cardigan: TJMaxx. Tee: Target. Shorts and belt: Walmart. Wedge sandals: Lands End. Layered chokers: Starr Luna.

That’s an outfit I wore last week. I rarely go anywhere more exciting than the kids’ school, sports practices or Target, so for me, it all comes down to simplicity (mix and match, no dry cleaning) and comfort.

What’s your go-to look?

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