Fall Break at Santa Rosa Beach

The kids had this week off for Fall Break, so I decided to take them and my parents down to Santa Rosa Beach. I always loved the little towns along Highway 30-A when Bryan and I lived in Florida. We stayed in this cute little house in Old Florida Village, one of my favorite neighborhoods.

Fall is a great time to go to Santa Rosa because it’s the off-season which means everything costs less and it’s not crowded! And it’s not hot!

This swamp was right behind the house.

We had a wood fence to keep the gators out of the yard, but it didn’t keep a bear from getting into our garbage can one night! I much prefer a swamp with wild animals over a view of high rise condos full of tourists… But I wonder if my European friends would be thinking, “Alligators?! Bears?! What?!?!?”

Leah and Michael took turns pretending to be Jaws and attacking each other in the pool. The red thing coming near Michael is a makeshift dorsal fin. Ha!

Our house was just a few hundred yards from the beach…

A lot of places rent bicycles… I want us to ride bikes next time we go.

Leah and I enjoyed a late afternoon walk… The red tide (or “Crimson Tide”) had washed up – it’s just red seaweed and was sort of ugly/messy but interesting too because it was full of fish eggs!

Nana and Paw-Paw love the beach! I think they were sad when we moved away from Florida because they loved spending so much time at the beach. I say The Cove is a great place to live – and the beach is a great place to vacation. It might even be my very favoritest place to vacation!

There are vacations of ‘doing’ and vacations of ‘being’. This was definitely a quiet, peaceful vacation with no real agenda – which I love.

This beach access has a nice long ramp that’s always made it easier for Bryan to get on the beach. He decided to skip our vacation this time to stay home and work and hang out with his dad.

We have a photo above our fireplace of the kids taken in this exact same spot when they were about 4 and 7.

This is why I love Santa Rosa Beach! It’s always so beautiful – just a wide open view of the white sand and emerald green water – and it’s never too crowded. 🙂

Me and my super awesome Dad!!!

If I win the lottery, you may forward my mail here…

Leah-the-mermaid made an appearance on the beach…

Here she is pretending to be startled by humans! Ha! This is high season for blacktip sharks and I was seriously worried Leah would get eaten – even though we have never seen a shark here. I made her get out of the water after we took a few pictures!

We ate some good local seafood, of course.

This is me tickling Michael to try to get him to smile for the picture! He always makes faces at the camera.

We did some shopping, too!

There are mostly locally owned shops and restaurants in the area, like this cute little coffee shop.

We went shopping and had dinner at Destin Commons and let the kids get candy… The grown-ups did, too!

Speaking of sugar, we always visit The Donut Hole… On Sunday morning, I foolishly showed up at 10:00 AM and everything was sold out! (Well, we got some muffins to tide us over…) On Tuesday, I drove over at 7:30 AM and as you can see it was already picked over but they still had a great selection.

We met our friends Andrew, Dawn and David for lunch at The Back Porch in Destin, one of our favorite seafood places from when we lived down there.

Andrew, Michael and Leah…

Lucky Leah gets to stay at the beach a few extra days with Andrew and his family! The rest of us have come home already… <sigh>

It was a great vacation! Five days just isn’t long enough!!!

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