Flashback Friday: It’s 1995 all over again!

Long ago, in a time almost forgotten, people drew design inspiration from magazines that were printed on paper. I know – so weird! I was an avid reader of Architectural Digest and Elle Decor back in the day and used to love pulling out pages of my favorite images. I recently stumbled upon a scrapbook I’d put together 20 years ago and was stunned to see that my tastes have changed very little over the years! The pictures look soooooo much like my house and my Pinterest boards! Here’s a peek…

Oh yes, people! Brown’s back! Ha! I laughed when I saw this. Apparently, this was all the encouragement I needed…

I bought a table that looks exactly like this 2 years ago!!!

This looks very much like the ancestry wall I put in our hallway this summer.

My love of earth-tones, textures and natural materials was well entrenched by 1995. I saw lots of photos of seagrass furniture and sisal rugs on the pages of my scrapbook. Isn’t this room gorgeous, though?

This photo looks like the wall color and trim in our bedroom right now…

I had comments on most pages – often saying “brown with white” and “love all the browns”. Ha! How about that fax machine? I love the brass lamp.

This photo looks like the wall color and trim of our dining room.

This looks like the colors in my office – chocolate walls, off white curtains, brown stained furniture, lots of plants…

Apparently, I liked “wood, wood and more wood” before the days of actually having “wood, wood and more wood” in our kitchen, which sometimes seems a bit much.

In Bryan’s man cave, we have a cow hide rug over hard wood floors just like this.

And cube shelves… Now this part I remember. I have loved cube shelves since I first saw them in a friend’s apartment in Austria in 1993! And now both my kids have them in their bedrooms.

If anything, unearthing the scrapbook confirms for me that regardless how trends evolve, I know what I like. I sometimes get caught in the swirl of, “What if I do this and it looks really dated in a couple of years and I hate it?” We have a family friend in Auburn who loves seafoam green. It’s her signature color. I was just saying recently that her house has looked amazing since she first decorated it in 1987 because it’s classic and it reflects her style.

I’ll take a cue from Mrs. Dollar and stick with what I like. ❤

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