Thoughts on decorating your home…

So after last week’s archaeological find reaffirmed my long-standing love of brown, I refreshed the family room by “shopping within our home”. (Moving things around.) Really Bryan started it when he decided the crazy-print chair from our bedroom is comfy and wanted it to be “his” chair in the family room. It clashed with all the orange and blue I’d brought in here for Fall – but – as you know, I only do “colors” on things like throw pillows that are really easy to swap out.

This chair is the exception in a house full of solid colors. It’s not Bryan’s style, but he’s a pragmatist who just wants to sit someplace to watch football on TV. (The sofa sits low so it’s hard for him to get up/down.)

You can see in these pictures how similar our home is to the inspiration scrapbook I put together in the 90s. Pulling together pictures helped me realize what was off-kilter in my first little apartment in Dallas so I could refine over time. I use Pinterest the same way today.

My philosophy on decorating is that your home should be very “you” or “y’all” stylistically while at the same time being functional, comfortable and durable so you can really live in it. I grew up with these kids who weren’t allowed in their pristine white ultra-modern living room or dining room. What’s the point of a picture perfect space your family can’t use?!? <insert eye roll here>

My philosophy on budgeting is to invest in furniture that you’ll keep forever and spend very little on decor that you’ll change out over the years. Our living room and dining room were empty for many years while we saved up – no regrets.

Most of our decor is from Target (baskets, lamps, candles), Hobby Lobby (pillow covers, seasonal items) or Ballard Designs (monogrammed pillows, curtains, lamp shades, rugs). I don’t comb the earth for this stuff, although I will if I ever win the lottery and have all that free time. 🙂

This is where I am sitting right now!!!

There are so many amazing home bloggers out there, but a few have really captured my eye with their style. My friend Joslyn’s home tour on Simple Lovely is simply lovely. She is insanely creative. I’m a big fan, too, of House Tweaking‘s clean, modern style – and I’m oddly drawn into the weird/creative combinations from Little Green Notebook. Also, the home tour for Chris Loves Julia is an amazing testament to the magical powers of renovating.

I’m curious, what influences your style?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on decorating your home…

  1. The biggest influence on my style is my life philosophy in general. What that means is that the things that appeal to me stylistically are simplicity, function and understated artistic style. For example, I prefer solids to patterns, and furniture first and foremost must serve a function. We researched our couch for about a year and finally decided on it because of its reputation for durability, its length would accommodate a tall adult as a bed and its clean, simple design. Who chose to have it made in white to make the room feel light and airy. Since it was covered in a certain silky, tightly woven fabric, any stains that were made on it came off with water…. even after several months. We turned our “formal dining room” into a library and use the breakfast area for eating (we don’t need two places to eat). Decor for decor’s sake is scarce in the house. In fact, if my house is cluttered, my brain begins to become cluttered. You influence my style as well! 🙂


    • I love your house — it’s gorgeous!! You and Hal have found the sweet spot between pragmatism and aesthetics. And I know what you mean about needing a space to be open and clear so you can clear your head. I could never study in college until my apartment was clean and I’ve never coped well with much “decor” or nicknacks. I think it’s why I am drawn to blogs of modern design — the minimalism is soothing.


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