This Month in the Yard: October

I am way late on this month’s installment of “This Month in the Yard” so even though it’s pouring rain this morning, I ran outside and grabbed some pictures so I will have a record to compare against next year.

Prepare to not be impressed. I am planning to dig up half the yard in the Spring and move things to other locations with hopes it will all look better. Wish me luck!

Freddie says, “Happy Halloween!”

The neglected Coleus just grow and grow!

It’s amazing anything grows well in damp, dark brown clay, but the Begonias are still blooming and the Cleyera (shurbs) I planted here last Spring are happy. Hostas have always liked this shady spot, too.

Out. Of. Control.
The Lantana went CRAZY this year but I can’t bring myself to cut it back because the little flowers are so pretty. In the Spring, I plan to pare back this flowerbed significantly.

The Hostas and Lillies are withering and turning color along with the leaves on my Birch and Cherry trees.

Bryan’s blueberry bushes are beginning to change color. They should become a more vibrant red in the next few weeks…

The Cana Lilly continues to drag along. <womp womp>

This is the view off the back patio… On a sunny day, the hammock is hard to beat. My Loropetalum are very happy back here – growing like crazy. (That’s the purple shrub.)

Now, let’s run around the corner to my parents’ yard where the maple trees are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G this Fall!!!

Isn’t my mom a cutie?!?
(Photo cred to my sister-in-law, Glenna <3)

I haven’t been blogging as much lately and my only real excuse is that we have been busy with the daily churn of life.

Michael’s football season has wrapped and this week is the city tournament for Leah’s volleyball team. I hosted a party for my friend Dawn’s boutique a couple weekends ago and then ran away to Atlanta with Bryan’s sisters for a girl’s weekend of not so much, which is my all time favorite kind of weekend.

That’s all for now, folks!

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